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Origin:IAF paper no. IAA-2000-IAA.1.4.05

The first chapter sketches the current situation of the Space Market.

  • The weak and unwilling policy of the Space Agencies toward the private investors: private investors are asked to participate but no return of investment is assured to them.

  • At the start of the new millennium the only commercial space is the communication satellites one. No chance for Astronautics. Why the above situation will not lead to really open the Space Frontier.

  • Identification of the manned activities that can give a return of investment to private investors in a reasonable time.

  • Peculiarity of the space investment vs. the usual industrial investment: a longer return time.

  • The need for a new financial setup and a new concept of credit tools, dedicated to long term space activities.

The second chapter outlines the basic requirements of some new financial tools and tax institutes, targeted to involve private investors, worldwide, in the opening of the Space Frontier.

  • Basic requirements of a Space Investment Fund. It is dedicated to the development of space technologies, with particular attention for astronautics and the so-called manned activities. It collects the proper warranties, to work on the distance of 10-15 years. It is commerciable in the Stock Exchange, thus the investors can buy and sell the titles, and are not obliged to keep their funds blocked for the whole period. Special prizes are given to the ones that keep the titles for the whole period.

  • Basic requirements of a new Tax Institute. The new tax is not in addition, but replaces part of the current contribution. In each country the tax payers are allowed to choose the destination of a small part of their contribution (e.g. 8x1000, please see the Italian institute of the 8x1000 for churches). Among such destinations a Terrestrial Space Foundation, targeted to finance astronautics and manned activities on the space frontier.

  • New tax concepts. Instead of punishing the tax-evaders, the governments will prize the good tax-payers, giving them tax discounts and _SIF Titles_ if they can demonstrate that for some years they regularly payed the taxes. Such tax payments will possibly give a small return to the payers (/joint venture/ tax concept, toward transforming the tax system in an investment system).

  • Development of a large study/campaign. The design of the above Space Investment Fund, and new Tax Institutes will be made by the help of a large investigation, carried out in the society. Hundreds of people, representative of different social parts and common Terrestrials, will be interviewed, giving their contribution to the project. They will then be the best commercial agents of the new insitutes.
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