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Origin:Proceedings of International Symposium on Space Law, 49th IAF Congress.
Abstract:Work aimed at establishing a space tourism industry which will enable the general public to travel to and from space on a commercial basis has made good progress in the past few years, particularly in the USA and Japan. Developing the vehicles needed for space tourism is an engineering challenge, involving developing re-usable rocket engines with low maintenance costs, light-weight robust vehicle structures, low-cost operating procedures and other targets. However, it is also an institutional challenge, since in order for rocket vehicles to provide commercial passenger travel services to and from space, extensive innovation is needed in applicable law and regulations, both at the national and international levels. It is now becoming accepted that civil aviation is the appropriate model for a future passenger space travel industry, and studies in both USA and Japan are now focusing on details of aviation regulations and their applicability to the design, manufacture and operation of passenger space vehicles.
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